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Prayer Requests

Welcome to Church 180's prayer page! Use this page to submit prayer requests and check back in to lift up other's requests. If you have a testimony and want to update a request with an answered prayer, let us know!

Prayer requests


The Wright's: Complete healing for Owen's kidneys

Alexia McLeish: Physical healing, peace of mind, breakthrough for finances. Also, for my immediate family to be saved. 

Susan Mai: Healing & salvation for my coworker Peter who had a stroke Sunday night- Prayers answered

Angela Orchard: Ira (diabetic), my sons Adam and fiancé Amanda, Ira, Zachary for salvation)

Diana Hill: Salvation for my husband, Valdano Hill a.k.a Tommy 

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (right wrist) (prayers answered, carpal tunnel has been healed)

Complete healing in my body & underlying health issues that interfere with daily routines.

Kristin Small: Healing for eyes & anemia

Prayers answered, anemia is healed

Love Aminiel: I'd like to pray for my friend Karen and her mom, my mother Josephine and my friend's son William

Mylika Lopez: 



-Wisdom & direction

The Morrison's: Complete healing for Cameron- His development (diagnosed with Autism), Eczema & Allergies.

Noah- Healing from frequent nose bleeds

Angela Orchard:Cyst on my chest cavity for 25 years they drained but came back

Church Request: Keri Field healing from cancer

Church Request: Baby Ezra for complete development + devlopment/healing for eyes - 

Testimony: Prayers answered

Church Request: Our nation of Canada during these times of COVID/protests/unrest, that God would grant us liberty and freedom, raise up good leaders, bring revival and open hearts during this time

The Alexander's:Healing for our son, Kayson. He has a reassessment concerning delays with development. That appointment will be on February 17. Thank you

Bernadette: Healing, wisdom & direction

Rebecca O: Healing for my cousin's wife Esther. She has breast cancer, is currently undergoing Chemo. Please pray that all goes well and she's completely healed from cancer. Prayers answered, Esther has been declared cancer free!

Susan Mai: Please pray that Paula's biopsy comes back negative for breast cancer Prayers answered

Angela Orchard: Husband John's hernia

Ashley Velez: My little cousin years old and is battling leukaemia. Pray for complete healing & salvation for the family

Ornetta Bissette: Strength with my walk with God, salvation for my daughter Savina, and my family continued prayer for Kaylan to stay in God's will no matter what happens, continued strength as he battles different issues, the passing of his dad, and other stuff he battles in his mind

Shaena Laing-Willie: Healing from PCOS. For my family and worldly friends to get saved

Beatriz C: My former coworker asked prayer for her husband Emiliano Lopena diagnosed with stage III prostate cancer. Also pray for salvation for Emiliano and his wife, Luna Lopena. 

Lisa Speers: Healing from nut allergies for Chase. Healing from chronic pain for myself.

Angela Orchard: For my daughter Holly husband marriage and salvation. My son Zachary Orchard, he wants to change his last name. They are separated, he wants divorce, its in process now and salvation

Maggie Greenidge: Sayeeda Afolabi- friend, complete healing from ovarian cancer and just came home from back surgery

-Harjot, my friend's daughter in law, She fell walking her dog and hit her head on the concrete and has bleeding in her brain. Now she may have cold and can' have any sudden movements from coughing or sneezing as that can cause her to have a seizure. 

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