We are doing everything we can to help keep our staff, members and community safe.

We are so happy to be able to open our doors again and welcome you all back! In accordance with the provincial mandate, we will be reopening as part of the Phase 2 directive (as laid out by Premier Doug Ford). Your safety is our biggest concern. The following are guidelines that we will be adhering to as a church. 

  • Starting July 5, we will be resuming our regularly scheduled services inside of our building. 

  • Cleaning staff and bathroom attendants will be equipped with masks and gloves and will continually be sanitizing and disinfecting commonly touched areas. Touchless sanitizing stations will be available throughout the building.  

  • If you are feeling unwell, or have been in contact with anyone with COVID-19, we ask that you please remain at home and join with us via livestream. 

  • We recommend that our senior citizens, ages 65 and up, as well as those who may be immunocompromised and/or vulnerable stay home and continue to join with us via livestream. 

  • Upon entry to the building, temperatures will be taken and you will be asked to sanitize your hands before entering the main sanctuary.

  • Masks will be mandatory so be sure to bring a mask when attending services. 

  • Ushers will be on duty to help guide you to your seat. Social distancing will be in effect and we ask that you adhere to the seating guidelines (sitting with your own family and maintaining distancing). 

  • Social distancing will be in effect throughout the building and we ask that you respect this by sitting and standing 6 feet apart from other people/families.

  • All families with children must sit together with their own family. Children will not be permitted to sit with other families. There will also be no nursery or children's programs for the time being. You may bring silent toys, books, etc for your child to use during the service. 

  • We encourage mothers with newborns to stay home but if you are a nursing mother and choose to come, the nursing room will be open. We do ask that you practice safe distancing while in the nursing room and there will be a maximum of 3 mothers allowed in the room at a time. 

  • We will not be doing our regular "meet and greet" times, and encourage a friendly wave in place of hugs and handshakes. 

  • All children 10 and under, will not be allowed to use the restrooms by themselves and must be accompanied by an adult. We ask that you keep your children with you at all times. Children will not be permitted to run around the building without an accompanying adult. 

  • The foyer, kitchen and lounge areas will closed for the time being. We ask that you remain seated in the sanctuary during the service and avoid using these spaces for congregating/chatting, etc. We encourage fellowship outside in the parking lot after services. 

  • Upon completion of the service, we will be dismissing families and individuals by row. We ask that you use the assigned exits and head directly to your vehicle. The building will remain locked after service so that the cleaning staff can immediately begin cleaning and disinfecting. 

We understand that these are unprecedented times and thank you all for your cooperation and understanding as we navigate this time together and take the steps necessary to keep all of our members safe. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at or call: 416-679-0325.




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