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March 7- April 15

40 Day Fast

Welcome to Church 180's 40 Day Fast!  Use this page to submit prayer requests and check back in to lift up other's requests. Scroll down for information on different types of fasts, recommended reading on fasting from Pastor Mike, daily prayer targets & a form to submit prayer requests. 

A note from Pastor Mike:

Thank you for joining with us for our 40 Day Fast! At the beginning of the year, we announced our 2022 year theme of "Breakthrough". Our key note scripture was taken from Isaiah 58:8-9


"Then your light shall break forth like the morning, Your healing shall spring forth speedily, And your righteousness shall go before you; The glory of the Lord shall be your rear guard. Then you shall call, and the Lord will answer; You shall cry, and He will say, ‘Here I am."

This scripture is surrounded within the context of God confirming to His people what He expects from them during fasting. The breakthrough of Isaiah 58:8 is preceded by true Godly fasting and it is with such a spirit that we begin our 40 days of fasting. We cannot expect a breakthrough if we are not willing to humble ourselves and truly seek God's outpouring of grace and power. Let these 40 days be a time to shed worldliness, carnality, unbelief and focus on prayer and expectancy for God to move and bring the breakthrough! 

There are many different ways to fast, we have outlined 4 different types of fasts below that you can participate with. It is my desire that every member of the church get involved in some way. Our desire is to have at least one person fasting every day of the 40 days. The building will be open in addition to our regular prayer meeting times on Monday & Thursday evenings from 7-9 pm. I also highly encourage everyone who can, to make a commitment to be in our weekday morning prayer meetings, and/or be in prayer 1 hour before our services during the 40 days of fasting. Get involved and let's see God move in our church, city & nation!

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March 7- April 15

Prayer times: Sunday's at 5:30 PM

Weekdays from 8-10 AM

Mondays 7-9 PM

Wednesdays at 6:30 PM

Saturdays at 11 AM

Celebration & Prayer Service: 

Thursday, April 14 at 7:30 PM

Prayer requests

Anonymous: Upcoming conference in May

The Wright's: Complete healing for Owen's kidneys

Alexia McLeish: Physical healing, peace of mind, breakthrough for finances. Also, for my immediate family to be saved. 

Susan Mai: Healing & salvation for my coworker Peter who had a stroke Sunday night

Angela Orchard: Ira (diabetic), my sons Adam and fiancé Amanda, Ira, Zachary for salvation)

Diana Hill: Salvation for my husband, Valdano Hill a.k.a Tommy 

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (right wrist)

Complete healing in my body & underlying health issues that interfere with daily routines.

Kristin Small: Healing for eyes & anemia

Mary Webb: Conference

New building to host future conferences

Jerry Fussell Revival coming up

Aunty Ramjohn healing

My health

Love Aminiel: I'd like to pray for my friend Karen and her mom, my mother Josephine and my friend's son William

Essence: My family during this time of my grandmother's passing

Mylika Lopez: 



-Wisdom & direction

The Morrison's: Complete healing for Cameron- His development (diagnosed with Autism), Eczema & Allergies.

Noah- Healing from frequent nose bleeds

Angela Orchard:Cyst on my chest cavity for 25 years they drained but came back

Church Request: Keri Field healing from cancer

Church Request: Baby Ezra for complete development + devlopment/healing for eyes

Church Request: Our nation of Canada during these times of COVID/protests/unrest, that God would grant us liberty and freedom, raise up good leaders, bring revival and open hearts during this time

The Alexander's:Healing for our son, Kayson. He has a reassessment concerning delays with development. That appointment will be on February 17. Thank you

Bernadette: Healing, wisdom & direction

Rebecca O: Healing for my cousin's wife Esther. She has breast cancer, is currently undergoing Chemo. Please pray that all goes well and she's completely healed from cancer.

Susan Mai: Please pray that Paula's biopsy comes back negative for breast cancer

Kristin Small: Please pray against any lasting or longer term affects of COVID for everyone who has had it

Angela Orchard: Husband John's hernia

Ashley Velez: My little cousin years old and is battling leukaemia. Pray for complete healing & salvation for the family

Ornetta Bissette: Strength with my walk with God, salvation for my daughter Savina, and my family continued prayer for Kaylan to stay in God's will no matter what happens, continued strength as he battles different issues, the passing of his dad, and other stuff he battles in his mind

Shaena Laing-Willie: Healing from PCOS. For my family and worldly friends to get saved

Beatriz C: My former coworker asked prayer for her husband Emiliano Lopena diagnosed with stage III prostate cancer. Also pray for salvation for Emiliano and his wife, Luna Lopena. 

Lisa Speers: Healing from nut allergies for Chase. Healing from chronic pain for myself.

Angela Orchard: For my daughter Holly husband marriage and salvation. My son Zachary Orchard, he wants to change his last name. They are separated, he wants divorce, its in process now and salvation

Savannah Decker: My coworker Suzette for her pregnancy, as she lost her last child and is very worried.

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Types of Fasts

Water Glasses


This fast is the real deal. Jesus exemplified this fast during His fast in the wilderness as did Moses in the book of Exodus. Not for the faint of heart, this fast focuses on absolute denial of flesh and true seeking of God while only consuming water and no other foods or beverages. This type of fast needs special grace and preparation. 

Image by Giorgi Iremadze


This fast focuses on foregoing foods and choosing liquids only such as water, smoothies, or shakes. The focus is on denying the flesh the pleasure of food and the time spent normally eating is instead spent on prayer, reading & meditation on scripture.

Healthy toast toppings


This fast is exemplified by Daniel and his friends in the book of Daniel when they chose to forego the king's delicacies and only consume water, fruits and vegetables. This plant focused approach denies our flesh the "delicacies"that are so abundant in today's culture and instead takes time to build self-discipline and health while also focusing on prayer, reading & meditation on scripture.



This type of fasting, made popular in recent years, focuses on fasting during most of the hours of the day and only allowing a small window of time to eat. This approach still helps to build self-control and time spent not eating is instead spent on prayer, reading & meditation on scripture.


Author: Elmer Towns

"Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough"

"Fasting for Financial Breakthrough"

"Fasting for a Miracle"

The Daniel Fast for Spiritual Breakthrough"

"The Beginner's Guide to Fasting"

Author: Jentzen Franklin


"The Fasting Edge"

Author: Arthur Wallis

"God's Chosen Fast"

Author: Lou Engle

"The Jesus Fast"

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